Studio Œ

Studio Œ is a berlin based Design Studio founded by Lisa Ertel and Anne-Sophie Oberkrome. Both product designers graduated from the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG). 

Their projects ranging from self initiated multidisciplinary collective work to industrially produced commissions. Guided by the fascination for the different outstanding skills of material and phenomena observed in everyday life, the duo realizes works informed by the spatial and social context in which the projects move.

Anne-Sophie and Lisa are cofounders of the collectives FAN and Many-to-Many as well as of the platform Bio Design Lab of the HfG.

Studio OE design

Like sunlight incides arcades, natural light is falling through the layers of the mirror COVE. The smooth bend of the highly polished stainless steel creates a three-dimensionality with a distinct sculptural quality – it reminds us of the clear reflections on a calm deep bay. Due to its ambiguous shape, this mirror blends into a variety of settings in the living space. COVE can be easily hung like a picture frame or placed standing, serving as a background for flowers or beloved objects.

With almost no offcuts, no glueing and no mix of material COVE shows the pure beauty and qualities of the material stainless steel. It creates the impression that it has chosen its shape by itself.