our society is a young design brand based in aarhus, denmark. with a strong desire to represent current values and next generation design, we create contemporary pieces within the categories of furniture, lighting & interior. our aim is to invent new legacy creating designs that is built on a modern mindset towards use of materials, working ethic and a simple yet powerful expression framing the current vibe going on among talented creatives around the world.

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A big part of our philosophy is built from a collective mindset aiming to welcome talented creatives to take part in shaping our society. That goes for all our partners. Designers, graphic designers, photographers, manufactures and consumers are all a vital part of our society. We collaborate with designers and professionals whose work reflect their unique diverse identities and opinions, which makes us able to stay relevant at all times.

The creativity flushes, and working with the strongest creatives around the world, and getting inspiration from different communities, makes it our duty to show how upcoming generations appreciate diversity and uniqueness within design. 

The common denominator for all designers and other key partners taking part in our society is the status of being upcoming. We are inspired by young optimism and the innovative mindset it brings.

In our society, transparency and honesty is key in the way we think of sustainability.   As a brand built by the next generation, ethical and sustainable production is a matter of course and part of our DNA. We strive to avoid and minimize any adverse impact on society by following ethical and sustainable production standards stated by us and our designers. Working with young designers put demands and set standards for how we produce design. It is inspiring to feel the dedication to the topic, and it is our mission to do our very best to be part of the change.

Our production partners are handpicked locally and within Europe, and all of them meet environmental standards and industry certifications. It is vital to us, that we are close to our partners and share the same ambition for change within the industry.

The main part of all our products are made and shipped component based as flat packs. We can pack 6 to 8 times more products in the same volume and therefore minimize CO2 emissions during transportation.

Our dedication to craftmanship and high-quality design affects every part of our brand. We want to create beautiful design that offer new perspectives, invite interpretation and is uniquely its own. 

When putting a new product to life, we always ask ourselves for the relevance and potential lifetime of the product. Our aim is to make products which can be passed on for generations. For us, a big part of sustainable thinking is about buying high quality products that lasts for decades and is organic in its expression.