Camille Viallet and Théo Leclercq are french designers based in Paris. They like to work in different field of activity, such as object, furniture, public furniture, textile and space. They share a particular interest in the way to assemble parts or materials together as well as an interest for the assembly elements themselves. They aim to reach a readable and functional language, yet always bringing a shift to give the object its own identity.

LeclercqViallet design

Dots collection obviously come from our attraction for fixation elements. Beyond their usefulness we think these are beautiful pieces in themselves and not only mechanical components belonging to technical fields.

We wanted to highlight Allen screws through a kit chair. It was also a first consideration to associate it to aluminium so it can be suitable for outdoor and last long as it won’t rust.

Then it was about drawing, a nice objet that would nicely react with light, with a good balance of curves and flat surfaces. An object with a singular expression, yet gentle enough to feat everywhere, to be understood by everyone. This is what we try to reach when we draw objects.


This project came out from an experimentation we made. We put clay into an empty silicon gun to try to extrude clay logs. We started to cut it, deform it, twist it. At some point we found interesting how this method led us to very spontaneous shaping, with no previous drawings. Hooks quickly came as an interesting type of objects as it allowed us to stay in a sculptural language while producing functional objects.

We took advantage of this quick process to produce many shapes among which we could select our favorites. These one were ready to use counter-shape to produce a mold for a serial aluminium casting.